Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tsunami Aceh

Tsunami in Banda Aceh
Indonesia, 26 December 2004

Many eyewitnesses have compared the post-tsunami scene in Banda Aceh to that of Hiroshima, Japan, after it was hit by an atomic bomb during World War II.

The December 2004 tsunami destroyed an estimated one-third of the buildings in Banda Aceh.

A soldier wears a mask to protect himself from disease and the stench of decaying bodies.

This fishing boat landed on the main street of Banda Aceh several miles from the sea.

A Muslim woman prays in one of many hastily constructed refugee camps in and around Banda Aceh.

A survivor searches the rubble of Banda Aceh, where about half of the population was killed by the December 26 tsunami.

The brown, barren area at the foot of this inland hill marks where the tsunami slammed into it.

Are than two weeks after the tsunami, thousands of corpses remain, wrapped but in the open. It will take months to dispose of them all.

About 50,000 bodies have been found in Banda Aceh. Thousands more are being reported each day.

Refugees receive medical care from a member of the California-based International Medical Corps, a global nonprofit organization.

Original Pic : National Geographic

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